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any occasion housekeeping services inc

Form A - Products & Services

Updated: 7/23/2003

How to select and add categories to your list
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Selected Categories Associated Keywords  
Computer aided manufacturing (cam) janitorial services
Janitorial products cleaning, cleaning carpets, ceiling cleaning, construction cleaning
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Add your own Keywords
You may enter additional keywords to better describe your products and services.   Select one or more categories in the list,  enter one or more keywords in the field below,  then click button Add Selected Categories and Keywords.

Your keywords will be associated with each selected category.  Buyers will be able to find your company by selecting predefined categories, or the keywords, or combination of both.  They may even enter only parts of your keywords and still find your company.

Several keywords should be separated by semicolon.  Each keyword must be entered as a single word or a combination of meaningful terms.  Do not use auxiliary words, such as prepositions, articles, etc.

Example of keywords entry:  web applications;  e-business


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